KHAO GALLI FESTIVAL - indian street food

During Chef Bhagwani’s last trip to India and being a part of this lavish wedding in Mumbai, he discovered the potential and popularity of Indian street food and is incorporating them into his menu, with innovative twists.  When tourists from other countries visit India, they find themselves unable to partake of the romance and burst of flavours that street food is. Amaya makes it possible to relish these tastes, and to do so in a more comfortable and festive atmosphere. The experience of food made fresh and someone explaining the intricacies of eating a pani puri, for example – paired with the best cocktails and wines.


vegetarian - street food

non-vegetarian - street food
mains - non vegetarian

biryani of day

we seal our cooking pot with dough and bake it in the clay oven with spices and chicken or lamb or prawns. it is quite dramatic to open the pot at the table and release the aromas

mains - vegetarian 


breads from the street of India 

the harvest time